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Kompletan! A word of Croatian language meaning complete, we choose Kompletan as our service mark because we have developed a complete solution for more than 16 types of businesses to digitalize and optimize business cycle.


Sherdil Graoup's craft and passion is kompletan. To address the difficulties of more than 16 different sorts of businesses, we have developed a prepossessing application. This software, in our opinion, is the pinnacle of human creativity.

However, as much as we like creating beautiful applications, we believe that our most valuable resources are our employees and corporate culture. Our engineers devote years to perfecting their trade, combining decades of engineering knowledge to create a true work of art. You receive more than just a single product or a tightly integrated suite when you select Kompletan. You benefit from our dedication to enhancing your experience and to constant improvement. You also receive our unwavering commitment to your pleasure.


Kompletan is dedicated to using your funds responsibly. In comparison to sales and marketing, we spend more on product development and customer service. Charge the customer extra for the right to promote to them has always seemed counterintuitive to us. By keeping our marketing expenses low, we can maintain reasonable rates and pass the savings on to our customers.

We do not force our staff to push you since we take a delicate approach to sales. We do not constantly try to upsell you or use multi-year contracts to buy your loyalty. We also know that this technique is effective because our growth consistently exceeds that of our rivals.


We have maintained our secrecy and have never accepted money from anybody. Both remain unchanged. This preserves our independence and limits our allegiance to the customer, allowing a long-term perspective to develop naturally. Although we are private, we are not little. Our way of thinking unconventionally appears to have worked, as evidenced by the approximately more than 5k people we have worldwide.

Our R&D advantage greatly depends on our investment in people. We have a comprehensive initiative called Sherdil IT Academy that allows us to hire and train professionals. From the training of sherdil IT Academy, almost 15% of our engineers are drawn. The initiative benefits not just our business but also the neighborhoods where we live.